About Us

About Flippress

Flippress is a one-stop firm for your printing and publishing services, We’re the only printing company that really understands small businesses. We have developed an attitude of the client first, as a team, we all work to put quality first and we help their business to flourish. This makes us so much more than a printing company. It makes us a partner who stands by every customer’s side for the journey.

Our Philosophy

At Flippress we are defined by our philosophy. Everything we do comes from our passion, our ambition, and our drive. We’re in it for the long haul. Top talented people who are choosing Flippress for the adventure, the thrill, and the possibility to work in a high-performance environment.

Our Passion

We do our job with passion. Effective customer relations are high on our list of priorities and we do everything we can to make the order process as smooth as possible for you. We don’t think that small print is good for customer relations so we don’t have any small print! No hidden fees or get-out clauses, you know exactly what you’re getting and if you’re not delighted with the service, we’ll work together with you to find a solution. That’s guaranteed!

Great Custom Experience

Whatever the size or stage of your business and whatever your design skills, we give you the tools and support you need to bring your vision to life. We offer a range of design services to help you get exactly what you want.

Our Proven Process

We offer affordable printing and publishing services in quantities and quality that meet the needs of small and large business owners alike. And we’re constantly enhancing it, Our special printing techniques allows us to maximize efficiency and consistently deliver quality and savings to you.

Our Clients